Urbrae Punt Road

Repost 2017:

#Urbrea, #JABKoch, c1900, a pair of houses that looks like a single mansion – the #toweredentrance actually belongs to the #castironlace #verandah part. Done over in #cementitiouspaint in I think the 90s, looks like #limewash but takes far longer to actually wash off. Nice #patina. Reinstating the colour of which traces clearly there in the 1980s photo from the VHD. On one of the busiest roads in central melbourne took ages to get one without cars. It’s some kind of public housing.

2021 more info: originally a smaller house, it was bought in 1898 by brothers Dr Thomas Boyd, ‘the government vaccinator’ (!) and Dr William Boyd, an eminent pathologist, and they added the arcades front, and the second house to the left, and lived there into the 1930s.

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