Bickhams Court East St Kilda, Modernist enclave.

Repost 2019:

Another Sunday drive through #Caulfield – 3 #BickhamsCourt #EastStKilda, apparently won the #HouseoftheYear1962 ! [not sure about that but the architect was Robert Rosh]. Got it all, huge windows, slate walls, hovering flat roof, stripy basement garage door, fun #wroughtiron grill entry, #pergola, and a gray curved side fence in black & white pickets ! 2021 : proposed for #heritagelisting in@l @cityofgleneira 2020 heritage study along with the whole court, but Council has failed to fully support their own study (!). But residents here like their street, so maybe no opposition ? The study tells me Rosh was a Czech Holocaust survivor, arriving here 1946, and the client was Kalman Katz, who lived here till his death in 2008. Interior still intact in the 2014 photos I found.

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