Illawarra mansion Toorak

Repost 2018:

#TowerEnvy, the totes amazing #IllawarraMansion, dominates a side street in #Toorak (cos all the land was carved off ages ago). #JamesBirtwhistle’s best work by far, a case of given the right client and budget … a #landboom mansion built for land boomer Charles Henry James, 41 when he commissioned this in 1889, 43 when he went bust with everyone else and lost it, and 51 when he died. In the early 20th converts to flats, and grounds cut down to nothing. Donated to the @nationaltrustvic in May 1966 by Mr Bill Ryan on condition he still live there in one, and the Trust continued to rent out others, but used to ballroom and basement for their furniture collection and meetings. In the late 90s the Trust leased it to #StCatherinesGirlsSchool who renovated and restored it as they’d #BoardingHouse, lucky ducks though I don’t know what it’s like inside. 2021: online tour shows it quite well ! Great stair hall, huge elaborate dining room(or ballroom?).

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