Purnell in Hawthorn

Repost 2019:

This is my fathers house in Creswick Street #Hawthorn, and blow me down I’ve suddenly discovered who designed it and when ! #ArthurPurnell, in 1937. I always liked its quirkiness, me and my bothers helped convince my mother to buy it in 1988, and I thought it was 1920s all this time. It was originally a warm buff (which I knew from seeing under the white paint), and roof was originally green. Purnell had a long varied career, spent the 1900s in Canton, designing numerous things, then came back here and designed a whole heap more, including a few things with a Chinese influence (check Wikipedia), mainly commercial work, including the St Moritz St Kilda, and the southern stand at the MCG, and lastly the Olympic Stand there too, 1956 – all those are long gone but plenty of other work left.

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