Magistrates Court, 1913

Repost 2018:

The wonderfully #dour but so #hardtophotograph former #MagistratesCourt. Built 1911-13, designed by #GBHAustin of the #PublicWorksDepartment in a very unusual ‘French Romanesque’ or Norman style, complete with clustered turrets and a chevron patterned copper roof. Matches the style of his Watch House next door from 1908, but that’s in render. The roughly stone also works well with the 1890s RMIT building 1 on the west side. In part sunlight, I still hard to lighten this up a lot, until I realised that you can’t really lighten up stone that’s gone black. It’s Batesford #limestone, which I thought for a long time just need to be cleaned, but maybe that’s it, forever. It’s now part of @rmituniversity 2021: they’ve just cleaned the exterior, I’ll have to go back

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