Georgian, but gutted, South Yarra

Repost 2019:

I’m a sucker for some good #GeorgianRevival, and this pair on Anderson Street South Yarra are fine indeed, and a bit quirky, two wide shallow joined houses. Designed by #GeorgeSommers, 1935. Im always a bit surprised when the real estate blurb mentions an architect I’ve never heard of, but then the Toorak/#SouthYarra axis is its own world with its own world, so if you’re from there you might have heard of him. Decor from a sale in 2012 is perfect refined antiquey traditional good taste.

2021: I hadn’t twigged already done over by @robmillsarchitects, turning them into two whole floor apartments (why??), removing all the Georgian interiors, which were not hugely interesting but nice. He seems proud of it : “South Yarra Residences are two new whole floor apartments elegantly contained behind the preserved façade of two pre-existing, adjacent Georgian Revival townhomes. From the façade, it is impossible to perceive the extent of the change that was undertaken with the utmost sensitivity and deft execution.”

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