Old charm vs 80s glam

Repost 2018:

#OldandNew, the photo that always pops up as old #Melbourne contrasted with the new. Happened by accident I think; a large #Lshapedsite in#CollinsStreet created in the mid 70s bit by bit, not including the former women only #AlexandraClub, guess they didn’t want to sell (itself created by adding on both sides and the top in the 20s to Dr Beaney’s house and surgery, #WilliamSalway, 1888). Anyway the site was empty for ages until #LustigandMoar decided to build Melbourne’s first 5* hotel in the early 1980s, completed 1986, a 70s geometric design overlaid with 80s glamour like the #bronzemirrorglass and lots of brass and marble and art inside, rather #TrumpTower come to think of it. Very grand shop and food court atrium a bit Art Deco, once the place to be, completely gone now. Not sure of the architects, #PeddleThorpe , but according to their website, #MaxMoar himself took over the design, met him once, gruff bear of a man with gold chains….

If you think ‘I wish they’d put the tower back’ please note that would require removing the top added floor.

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