Sebrof, Armadale

Repost 2018:

Guard dog and giant two-towered, much-verandah’d #ToorakMansion #Sebrof in #OrrongRoad. 1884-5, Dalton & Gibbons, originally in 6 acres of grounds (and ok, it’s really #Armadale).

2021: not a lot of easy info in this one, not on the VHR, and the Trust citation has nil. @stonningtoncitycouncil entry though tells me it was bought by the Forbes family in 1888, renaming it forbeS backwards (!). They sold in 1892, but the name stuck. It was sold in 2008, when it had Victorian style decor, but much paler then the Victorians would have actually done. Its ’s a proper mansion, with 4 reception rooms, plus a billiard room, plus the conservatory (which they often had but hardly any survive), and the two towers. B&W pics from 60s-80s.

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