Titles Office strong room

Repost 2016 (photo from 2013, then lots of photos from others including @tristan_davies) :

The spooky, harry potterish #strongroom of the old #TitlesOffice. Note the shelves made of #slate, and narrow windows that have #castiron shutters outside, all in case of fire. This part might be 1870s or 1880s. It actually consisted of two double height strong rooms one on top of the other. #Lategram from 2013 when i actually managed to do some #Melbourneopenhouse places. Owned by Victoria uni, they were storing some records there, god knows what they’ll do with it in the future. I also don’t know where all the old titles are now.

2021: Vic Uni proposed a tower in 2018 that involved part demolition of the strong room interior (!) which was refused by #HeritageVictoria, so they sold it to @isptproperty, and in oct last year they proposed a tower twice as high, supported outside the strong room (I think), and proposing the Greek Museum occupy part of the main building, in an obvious ploy to sweeten the whole horrifying thing. Havnt heard anything more I hope HV told them a resounding no.

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