Wallach’s Furniture Emporium, burnt

I’d seen this before but never knew where it was – now I know it was in Elizabeth Street between Lonsdale and Little Bourke, and that it burned down in a great fire in 1907. It was built as Wallace’s Furniture Emporium in 1887, the business having just been take over by Benjamin Fink, who went on to build a lot more (like this designed by #TwentymanAndAskew – Finks building, which burned 1897, and the Block Arcade, replacing George’s, which had burnt out …hmmm). Anyway it was one of the first big buildings to have a new tangled Otis #hydrauliclift ‘tastefully designed and fitted out’. Unlike Finks building, the ruined building was replaced by a similar height Edwardian on the left half, and a 30s thing on the right, both dem mid 70s for Myer House. Fire images via Melb Through the Ages FB. And the Powerhouse in Sydney has a set of Wallach’s Gothic bedroom furniture 1888.

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