Jewish Museum visit

Repost 2019:

Rainy Sunday so off to the #MelbourneJewishMuseum ! The Kadimah Hall in #LygonStreet was built in 1933 as a secular community hall, and had its own Yiddish theatre troupe (!) – the community moved south side in the postwar period, and since 1969 its belonged to another (rather smaller!) migrant community; Loved this #midcentury 70s sign from the Davis family’s Bentliegh home; the interior of the Levy Brothers Emporium in Lonsdale Street 1865; a mining licence from 1860 belonging to German immigrant Salomon Isaacson; and a drawing of #CashmoresCorner, a shop on the NE corner Eliz and Collins established by English immigrant Michael Cashmore in 1841 in what was said to be Melbourne’s first brick building, constructed in 1836 – Cashmore went on to be a city councillor, and established the first Jewish cemetery and the first Synagogue in 1847.

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