Prahran Arcade restoration

The Prahran Arcade is being restored. Or at least the facade – some very rusted iron being replaced, and ancient peeling paint removed, and then a skim coat on all that delicate detailing. Overseen by @rbaarchitects, works by @aboderestoration. Here’s what I said in 2016 – The #prahranarcade possibly one of the most extraordinarily mad things built in the #landboom era. Not only an incredibly #elaborate front of detail on detail, but all for an arcade of shops that didn’t lead anywhere (with hotel and Turkish baths on top floor) on a street of what was then just shops. (dept stores and crowds of shoppers came 10 years later but still…). Designed by James McMullan (not known for anything else), built 1890. 2021: And it originally had tall mansards, which were also to be rebuilt, but sadly they changed their mind. Found various images of the interior when it had shops in the early 60s, they look like Art Deco period, Dan Murphy’s started there about that time, soon taking over the whole place, and removing the shopfronts. They recently came back to the cellar but the main space is JB Hifi, so much clutter. Details and rear from Paulo Bee via FB.

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