2 Holgars in Toorak, in the same street.

Repost 2018:

Naliandrah, Glendye Court, Toorak, one the many fabbo houses by Polish -born husband and wife team #HolgarandHolgar, this one from 1967, for Alan and Ada Selwyn, and perhaps their first big lush Toorak house. This one could be a contemporary design, with a patterned screen and a pointy curved wing to one side – which you can see in the model ! Made for an exhibition in 1989 and held by #MuseumsVictoria, also in the satellite image.

2021 update : Alan apparently passed away last year, and the contents were sold off in November; @the_mid_c bought a painting and got to go inside when she picked it up – some stills from her videos. Lovely 60s timber stair, a bar at the rear, a room surrounded by arches with a Perspex roof, a bathroom with loads of gold tiles and fittings, and the pool has swirly tiling, complete with a butterfly. 😮 The house hasn’t come up for sale as yet (or maybe it was a private sale) and unfortunately it isn’t #heritagelisted.

Repost 2018:

Another classic by #HolgarandHolgar, cnr Heyington Pl and Glendye Court Toorak; built in 1970 for Polish-born Mr Gelbart. I was so excited to see this up close, though the photos arnt the best; I remember this as a teenager then didn’t see it again thought it must’ve been demolished or I imagined it, only to see it turn up in this social media age maybe 10 years ago. No sales I could see, possibly still in the family, that roof is pretty rusty.

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