Holy Trinity St Kilda

Repost 2018:

A church that doesn’t put its best face forward (I had to lean over a fence for this shot) but to be fair it’s one of the many churches where the #spire was #neverbuilt, which explains the blank rendered wall on the main corner. #HolyTrinityStKilda, 1883-9, #ReedandBarnes (#JosephReedArchitect) showing that Reed could do any style well; lots going on in this very 3D composition, but not at all fussy. Great apse window round the back. Side note : this is in #BrightonRoadStKilda, 15 mins walk east from Christchurch St Kilda, and 20 mins walk south from All Saints St Kilda – lots of wealthy Anglicans in those days I guess, and enough today to keep all 3 going (just). And another thing none of them are named after saints, no wonder I get confused between them. 2021: could only find a couple of internals.

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