Blind Institute in the dark, St Kilda Road

Repost 2019:

The delightful old #RoyalVictorianInstitutefortheBlind on #StKildaRoad was built in 1868, and designed by #CrouchAndWilson in a lovely picturesque #GothicRevival style (though actually not many pointed arches).

BUT it’s basically always in shadow these days because before they sold they got a permit from #heritagevictoria for a big apartment building taking up all the northern side of the garden ! With taller bits either end. Which they got so that they could make a good return on the sale ie. the rules were bent for them because they were a charity, rather than you know for instance getting more funding from the government like everyone else. I’m waiting for the trees that line the drive to slowly die since they get so much less sunlight. Some people like the curving glassy #ParqueMelbourne by @fenderkatsalidis but to me it just fills in the boundaries, with the taller bit at the back within the shrine sightline limits, and the curvy middle bit following the old driveway. Rant over.

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