Invergowrie, Hawthorn

Not my pictures but worth a post – Invergowrie in Coppin Street Hawthorn is a fantastically charming picturesque Gothic Revival bluestone house, that’s also really very old. Started about 1845, when it had the whole of the bend of the river as it’s grounds, I think it was then just the little symmetrical thing in the sketch in last pic. Added to 1855 + 1869, when actor and entrepreneur #GeorgeCoppin bought it and subdivided the eponymous street. #JosephReedArchitect lived there in the 1870s, then it became various institutions in the 1930s, when the ‘cottage’ was built, also gothic, as well as a big hall out back. Been a private home again for a long time, recently bought by Stephen and Anjelica Tomisich, whose Trajan medical equipment company has done so well they could pay $40m for it- and are proposing to open it up in some way, which is nice.

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