Landene, last private house on St Kilda Road

Landene, one of the remaining #stkildaroadmansions, but you’d have to say more of a big house than a mansion. Made a bit bigger by expanding the right front room into the verandahs. Built 1897 for McHenry England, tea importer. The heritage study doesn’t mention an architect. Was a post office for many years, helping it to survive when others were replaced by flats or later office blocks. That decor is a bit much even for me – I like Victoriana but this isn’t really it, and anyway it should be Edwardian decor, a bit simpler and perhaps pastel. I’ve added the 50s flat behind, because there’s some opposition to their replacement by a 17 storey tower – it will unfortunately look over this, the last one not to have a tower behind, but even though they’re by #BenardEvans, and a slightly interesting modernist with some Georgian details, they’re not really worth fighting for.

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