Oldest pub in Melbourne

Repost 2015:

1843! Didn’t realise that old! The Devonshire Arms is not only Melbourne’s oldest (former) pub, but nearly Melbourne’s #oldestbuilding. Hidden away amongst the jumble of #stvincentshospitalmelbourne buildings, almost demolished in the 80s I think before it was realised how old it was. Restored and now used as an alcohol detox centre (! At least that’s what I heard).

The #heritagevictoria citation says it was originally face brick, then rendered and the window frames changed in c1870, so it looks perhaps much like it did in 1843. Also looks to me like it was built as a small corner bar with a couple of tiny terraces attached. Built by a property speculator in the first ‘suburban’ expansion of Melbourne, at first known as Newton, and eventually the separate municipality of #Fitzroy in 1855.

HV says: “The original building contains early construction materials such as pit-sawn timber and hand-made nails.” And remnant timber shingle roof under the corrugated iron.

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