Early Modern in Bourke Street – Weber & Rice/Burnett’s 1937.

Repost 2019:

I’m posting an old pic first because #damntrees, but this curious building sure has an interesting story – firstly its 1937, by noted Modernists #SeabrookAndFildes, with what looks like a modern #curtainwall (and sometimes claimed as a first), but actually those metal panels are over concrete (I’ve seen the drawings), but still, pretty radical for Melbs. The uses also unusual – Louis Barnett was a hair and beauty salon business (they did #perruquier, ie wigs), and upstairs was the Weber & Rice Health & Strength College, ie a gym, and the blank bit on top was the squash court ! All offices now. It survived an attempt to replace all the windows and even a high rise proposal in the 90s, finally getting #heritagelisted in 2011. Phew ! Now we just need to restore that signage.

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