Sunshine Tech in danger

Help save Sunshine Tech ! Built 1938 by my fave designer #PercyEverett, chief architect of the public works department, in a fine Streamlined Moderne style. Closed some time ago, and now the Education Department, having failed to find a new use or properly secure the site, thinks the best solution is complete demolition! It’s heritage listed by Brimbank, but the Department is actually exempt from Ho controls (and yes that should change). There’s a petition by the local advocacy group, just google ‘Stop planned demolition of sunshine technical college’ or even better write to the Minister, JamesMerlino Say something like ‘this is one of the best examples of interwar architecture in the west, please do better’; ‘please comply with the controls the rest of us have to’; ‘hand over the buildings to brimbank council, who recently voted to put them to community use’ or even just ‘please secure these buildings properly’. Also, there’s other buildings on the site that can go if necessary, just keep the original buildings, maybe the sunshine primary school next door could use them ?

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