Supreme Court

Repost 2017:

The #SupremeCourtofVictoria, built as the Law Courts, this is the design that won the 1873 #competition; compared to what was built it was far more articulated, giving it the forecourt space that it should but doesn’t have. Probably they added more rooms, plus it’s simplified, with one simple arcade between the end bays, and losing the unnecessary extra tower, and the dome seems rounder too. It’s a grand building, but I’ve always thought it should’ve addressed the far street corner rather than the middle of the block, but symmetry rules I suppose ! It was completed about 1884. The competition was actually a bit scandalous, because AE Johnson was a judge from the public works department, and helped choose AL Smith as the winner, bit they shared a studio; then Johnson resigned from the department, went into partnership with Smith (as the prolific Smith & Johnson) and was contracted to build it ! He later claimed Smith never worked on it when he was in the studio…

Repost 2017:

So I looked closely at this 1884 photo of the Supreme Court, and noticed there was this fabbo sculptural thing topping the main #pediment but it’s gone ! I kept reading about the #FigureofJustice who was not blindfolded, ‘contrary to tradition’, but that sculpture (swipe), looks like a 60s #bronze to me, very similar to the original as far as I can tell, but stylised; the original was probably carved stone. The whole thing must’ve become decayed or unstable, and just removed, or maybe someone just thought it was a bit excessive compared to the restraint of the rest of the building. Such a pity, we don’t have many #baroque fantasies like this in Melbourne. I’m told this might have happened in the 80s 😮

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