Fooks in Toorak

Repost 2019:

Down a #culdesac in #Toorak i found this ! #HeyingtonGardens in #TheodoreCourt is apparently by #ErnestFooks, 1963. Great brickwork, patterned spandrels, lovely tiled entry. I would have got more /better photos but an older lady with east European accent emerged from her first floor balcony to tell me ‘you must get permission’ – I said I was admiring the architecture, usually works, but she wasn’t dissuaded; I said ok I’ll get permission, but I was fibbing.

Update : lobby restored and upgraded in early 2021, glad to see got rid of the letterboxes ! Lots of crafted sympathetic elements. Design by @studiobird, director Mathew Bird’s own apartment here featured in design mags in 2016, clearly that’s how they got the gig, and I’m very glad they did. Apparently the green was inspired by the west African #guineaturaco. 😮

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