PBB and Deva House a fine pair.

Repost 2019:

4th floor Myer Menswear view ! A wonderful pairing of intact historic buildings, #PublicBenefitBootery, Grainger Little Barlow & Hawkins, 1924 and #DevaHouse, 1926, #HarryNorris. Always loved this unique pair, which is a result of a subdivision of an original 1837 CBD block in the 19thC by sticking a lane down the middle, then building up to the #132ftheightlimit in the early 20thC, with distinctive Melbourne CBD #tallthinfrontages. When Norris did Deva House he must’ve decided to virtually match the earlier building, with the same horizontal divisions. They more closely matched originally when PBB had its cornice. 2021 : unfortunately PBB is in the process of being reduced to the front and a short bit of side wall, along with 3 other buildings adjacent for a pair of hotels replacing #TheWalkArcade. It would have been so much more interesting to keep chunks of all the buildings, with their light well old windows corridors etc. The laneway side is you know, ordinary, but its original, it’s all #steelframedwindows, interesting setbacks near the top, pity to lose all that. And they’re not even rebuilding the PBB cornice.

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