Abandoned house in Hawthorn

Rather amazing house in Hawthorn for sale thought I’d share – the real estate agents say it was built 1876, but been abandoned ‘a good 10 years’ – clearly after they started renovating. It’s in Yarra Grove, in that funny area between Hawthorn Station and Leonda that’s only got a couple of ways in, only been through once or twice myself. This property has its own river frontage 😮. They’re quoting $7mill, way too low I think, big block, though perhaps flood controls would limit the buildable area. Very unusual house that’s almost as much window as wall, though obviously there was once a verandah, and it faces the river rather than the street.

Update : it’s called Ravenswood, built for Alexander Tough, a ship’s chandler, and was only protected in 2018 as part of the ‘Rookery’ heritage precinct of the surrounding streets, and the verandah was there until 2017. They’ve also opens up the ground floor windows into doors, explains the unusual amount of glass.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned house in Hawthorn

  1. Hello! Wondering where you sourced the historic photo from? Would love to find more! Actually working on the landscape re-design of this wonderful house!


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