Barry Street Carlton

Repost 2014:

Early 1880s #terracehouses barry street #southcarlton, or at least the front sections. In the late 90s #melbourneuniversity was moving into south carlton and was going to #demolish all the terraces – a furore ensued and in the end two houses were dem, the rest retained to two room depth (#frontportionism ?) And 10 levels built behind designed by #metier3 completed 2002. Its an ok #heritagecompromise
The terrace facades were excellently #restored. They also have some rare remnant slate paving (though I think perhaps it only happened if owners put it in front of their houses), and in the street there’s a cover for the early #MelbourneWaterWorks, from between c1860 and 1896, Melbourne’s first fresh water system.

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