Grand terraces, Collins Street

Repost 2017:

A pair of terraces at 86-88 #CollinsStreet in the #ParisEnd. Built in 1872, designed by #JamesGall, some of the grand houses in the area, the ‘Harley Street of Melbourne’, often occupied by well to do doctors in the 19thC, with surgeries at ground level. A third terrace was demolished in the early 70s (and remained an empty gap until this year !). Great photos from 1984 by Graeme Butler of them, after the demolition and before restoration, and another from 1956 showing all three but how very altered the demolished one was. In about 1990 the ground levels of these two were restored (sort of, since there’s shops in them, and ground levels were originally higher, I think). So only the #castironlace of the upper floor of no 88 is original. But the reward wings are intact, which is unusual in the cbd.

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