Victorian Mansion for sale, Kew

Here’s something quite spectacular, in Cotham Road, Kew, currently for sale- Ross House, originally Charleville, built 1889, for Charles Donaldson, architect H Shallers (who I’ve never heard of). I’ve come to realise that these mansions are all somewhat the same, with variety mainly on whether there’s a tower, and in the verandahs, with solid ones like this looking bigger – but inside they’ll have a big hall, perhaps with a grand stair, then three big main rooms – parlour, dining, and maybe billiards/music, and a smaller ‘breakfast room’, and perhaps a conservatory. But this house looks like it had a ballroom – I think the bit with the arched windows at the side rear, now a bit altered as the family room. The main rooms here are huge though, you’d have to be having a big party to fill it. It’s on the #victorianheritageregister so it’s quite safe.

Better pics from Design Files :

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