Palais Theatre

Original post 4 March 2018:

The #PalaisTheatreMelbourne new enclosed #wintergarden / glazed lobby extension thing is finished – not awful, but sooo black, and oddly curved, the arches don’t extend out from the arched windows behind, so why didn’t they just make it straight ? and then you could see the tops of the arched windows behind (which were the facade originally, there was no winter garden). Addition by #LovellChen I think; original #picturepalace by #HarryWhite, 1927, who did loads of live theatres, not so many cinemas. Other photo is from March.

4 March 2017:

The #PalaisTheatre neon sign has been carefully restored – revealing the fact that is was originally lit in 1927 with white #incandescentglobes, and the fittings that remain are being kept. The neon came later, probably the 30s. The trays (except for the most decayed P) have all been patched and repainted and put back. The work was done by #ForteSigns, overseen by conservation architects #LovellChen (photos from their website). The neon tube lighting (in pairs of red and blue) is being replicated by #LEDstriplighting, rather than fragile expensive glass neon tubing, and I just hope it looks the same, but somehow i dont think it will replicate the particularly piercing quality of actual neon light.

The Palais Theatre looking resplendent in its new #ochre #colourscheme (the original or at least the earliest they could find). The metal tray sign with its new LED lighting replacing the original neon also repaired. Architect was #HenryWhite who did many live theatres across Australia and NZ in the 1910s and 20s; this is his major #picturpalace, built in 1927. @ Palais Theatre

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