TAA, Franklin Street

Repost 2015:

The stylish 1965 TAA HQ in Franklin Street has just been #heritagelisted. One of dozens of buildings in the city north heritage study, approved by the #CityofMelbourne last year, just approved by the Minister. First #postwarhighrise to be independently listed by the City, and first office tower that isn’t severely #modernist to be listed in Melbourne. Those gold panels are a recentish cover over the original #gold #mosaictiles, a #luxe finish for an otherwise nicely #meisian black grid (they’re building a new lobby extension right now though). Architect Norris Partnership – when #HarryNorris was in his early 70s, but not retired (!) but perhaps this is by someone else in the office. Close up from Steven McLaughlan via Facebook. And a poster for those who haven’t heard of TAA.

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