Row mini mansions, Victoria Parade

Repost 2014:

Repost 2014: ENSOR 1875 #crouchandwilson for Joseph Levy. If you really made it in Melbourne’s early Jewish community, you might build a mansion here, just round the corner from the East Melb synagogue. It’s one of the #rowmansions on #victoriaparade #eastmelbourne all owned by #eyeandearhospital. Restored 1995.

Ardee, 1881 by #crouchandwilson 6 years after and next door to last post. Built for Lawrence Benjamin, a better off member of the East Melbourne Jewish community, though he then leased it Gustave Beck, the Belgian Consul-General for Australia. Described by @nationaltrustvic as ‘of pleasing appearance’. Owned by #eyeandearhospital, restored 1995. Fine Victorian #colourscheme.

The third of the three of the #rowmansions on #victoriaparade, for a long time owned by the #eyeandearhospital. Built 1882 for Dr Buthner, who might have been Jewish, and the architect was Swiss immigrant #AlfredKursteiner. The rear of this was knocked off in 1995 for a 5 level #carport but that’s ok, can’t see it. Restored when carpark built, not sure if the verandah already restored by then. In the 60s, the @nationaltrustvic thought it was too altered to classify, changing their minds in 1974. Looked a bit bare before !

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