Pamela Anderson House

Repost from 2018: The #PamelaAndersonHouse, Canterbury Rd, #StKildaWest, by #CassandraFahey (practice name #CassandraComplex haha), built 2000 for (in)famously misogynistic ex (#AustralianRules) football player #SamNewman, who never actually lived there. After doing a string of award winning projects in the 2000s, I heard she gave up #architecture for a while, now she’s Lead Architect at Woods Bagot. This is now such a period piece, I mean why was there ever such a fuss over this, or indeed Pam herself ? Also note you really have to stop and look straight at it, passing by in a car you don’t really see it.

June 2022: up for sale asking $2.4mill. Real estate pics :

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