Comedy Theatre tower proposal

July 2022

Proposed office tower behind the Comedy Theatre – looks like half is on a separate site (now a carpark) and half perhaps over the back stage, partly cantilevered structurally. That part actually on the Comedy site has to be approved by #HeritageVictoria, so there’s a long process. They might not like it, but if it actually improves the operational facilities like they say it will, then I think it’s ok. Ive no idea if any part of the backstage is importantly intact, except i suppose that its got years of wear and tear. As to looming over the theatre, its already loomed over. The theatre is a rather splendid Spanish design from 1928 by Albion Walkley and Charles Neville Hollinshed, who were clearly influenced by the Broadway Theatres in similar style of the 1910s and 20s, many by Herbert J Krapp. Melbourne’s only historic theatre designed for intimate pieces rather than musicals. Detailed article on tower here.

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