Lonsdale House

The tower of Lonsdale House, sadly demolished in 2010 for the Emporium, despite local heritage listing – probably the last really big heritage issue to galvanise Melburnians. It was created in 1936 out of two Victorian buildings, and designed by #IGAnderson. He also did #Dorijo in East Melbourne I recently posted, which has a similar tower, and reminded me of this. I didn’t record whose photo the first one is, but the next three mine, then one of what they said they’d replace it with, and what was actually built (before the video screen was attached, much smaller and really you barely notice it). And another thing, they widened Caledonian Lane to create truck access, making it very unattractive, and forcing the laneway festival elsewhere.

This was the issue that led to the formation, at my suggestion, of Melbourne Heritage Action, a community group focussed on heritage issues in the CBD. Not so busy these days, but I still help out where I can.

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