New Church, Mt Waverley, 1963

Original post Jan 2018:

This wild curved pyramid roofed church has been sitting here on #HighStreetRoad #MtWaverley since 1963, when it was built for the independent #NewChurchinVictoria, designed by architect Alex Harris. It’s a plan of intersecting squares, two on the diagonal, the third being the hall, but that roof ! Sort of #polynesian or maybe #pagoda, or just roof and spire in one ? The windows and wall base are bit #WalterBurleyGriffin I think. This is one of my top 40 modernist churches in Victoria, not many of which are heritage listed- this one isn’t, and was sold last year as a development site, but it’s still there now for lease, so the last 3 are some interior shots, complete with stuff the Church left behind when they moved. Rest of the photos mine, except the second is @library_vic.

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