Guardian Insurance

Original post 2 February 2021:

Always had a soft spot for his one – #GuardianInsurance, corner of Collins & William, 1960-61 – it’s clad in precast concrete panels faced with Stawell stone, and its representative of the sudden move in 1960 to a sense of solidity in office buildings, away from the 50s glass curtain walls – which had been led by #BatesSmartMcCutcheon – but they also led the change, like this one, done in stone perhaps reflecting its location amongst older stone facades in the traditional financial end of Collins Street. A simple grid, but nice that it’s stone, with some delicate detailing too. Streetview images, plus great shots from 1961 by #WolfgandSievers from @library_vic, one showing the long gone snazzy foyer. This is one of the 55 #midcenturymodern #officetowers proposed for listing as part of the #hoddlegridheritagereview. Update : now heritage listed.

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