Parliament House gates

Original post 2 February 2018:

The beautiful #wroughtiron gates to the side vehicle entry of #parliamenthousemelbourne, erected 1889. Built for the horse and buggy era, they operated on little rollers, which I suppose are still there, but theyre never going to open again; there’s now a new simple sliding security gate thing which looks pretty awful. Mainly because there’s so much asphalt and parked cars now where once there were trees.

The never finished south wing of #ParliamentHouseMelbourne. This much was built 1888-90 as part of the front wing, but by the time it was finished the #landboom had bust, and building stopped. The first design c1854 was by #KnightandKerr, with an even more ornate exterior, then it was all #PeterKerr, who oversaw the chambers and the library, then totally resisted the exterior in 1877 making it more neoclassical. Recently the ground level here was made into a larger carpark and security entry instead of the hedge that used to hide the whole thing.

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