Oriental Bank, long time gone.

Original lost 12 February 2021:

Repost this day 2021: Probably the finest Greek Temple style building built in 19thC Melbourne – great flowing Ionic capitals and richly carved Brutish coat of arms in the pediment- but demolished a loooooong time ago! 135 years. So I’m not going to say what a pity. The Oriental Bank was built at the end of Queen Street on the corner of Flinders Lane in 1858, and it was designed by #RobertsonAndHale. It was a bank that was based in British Asian ports, but had a crisis in the early 1880s and this branch was closed. With the huge boom in the 1880s it was replaced by one of Prell’s 9 storey ‘massive piles’ in 1889; that was in turn replaced in the early 70s by an undistinguished tower. 1st photo by #JWLindt, 1879, 2nd from @heraldsunphoto_retro, 3rd is streetview.

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