Holy Eucharist, East Malvern

Original post 15 February 2018:

Holy Eucharist, East Malvern, #AlanGRobertson, 1962. So many odd choices, perhaps an example of what #HeritageVictoria would call ‘not well resolved’. Huge symmetrical front and thrusting angular entry porch, but then a bit to one side with a neat little hexagonal skylight over the #baptistery; the whole thing starts tall and ends up low over the altar; side chapels as bays with cross gables, concealing what look like ties holding down the roof (too small to hold it up) popping out near the ground, and those extra crunchy #bricks ! Or are they #concreteblocks ? Or #concrerebricks ? Once a landmark on Dandenong Road, the native tees around it now obscure it.

Interior shot through the stained glass of the door (I made it #BlackandWhite instead of red). Crazy folded ceiling with little highlight windows, must be wild inside, since the vault gets higher and wider !

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