Shrine of Remembrance

Original post 15 February 2017:

The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne’s most self consciously ancient world classical monument. #Parthenon plus #mausoleumofhalicarnassus. #HudsonandWardrop, competition 1923, not complete until 1934.

Original post 24 June 2018:

ShrineofRembrance, 1927-34, #HudsonandWardrop, chamber- seen this photo so often always thought they were on a special day or special lighting, but that’s exactly what it looks like (it’s a strong light above a fake #skylight). The inside of an outside stepped pyramidal top that’s based on the #MausaleumofHarlicanassus, even though no one knows exact what it looked like. There a great coffered ceiling in the room below, suitably sepulchral, though the antique painted finishes remind me of 1920s cinemas.

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