Spotted in South Melbourne

Original post 16 February 2019:

Repost from 2019: In Cecil Street South Melbourne – someone’s idea of a Victorian style #terracehouse, and actually I think it’s OK – clearly not Victorian (to me anyway), but the appropriate level of detail, it’s got a verandah, fits right in. Could be 80s, could be recent. An attempt at #timelesselegance, or maybe someone who really wanted a Neoclassical Georgian number and got told to add more stuff.

So not every #terracehouse in sought-after #SouthMelbourne has been renovated. This one In #CecilStreet is a relatively rare two storey timber Victorian with original #ogee #verandah roof, but with early 20thC windows. A cheap rental ? Update 2023: the two storey timber house (quite rare) next door now appears to be boarded up, at least on streetview.

15 February 2020:

This Victorian terrace in #SouthMelbourne stood out, firstly no parapet, lots of unrelieved brown #HawthornBricks, thick wing walls in brick with abstracted details, simple #cast iron balustrade with an equally restrained #greekkeymotif frieze. Solid and simple. @ South Melbourne, Victoria

Not too sure that yellow is an actual #VictorianColour, but I like how bold it is, better than just cream, which def wasn’t a popular colour. Also there’s that great interlinked circles pattern in the #castironlace again, I can see why it was popular. Coventry Street #SouthMelbourne. @ South Melbourne, Victoria

15 Feb 2019:

Done over so often it’s a mess ! This little #terracehouse in Dow Street #SouthMelbourne has both windows altered, the street one maybe restored to Victorian from some other shape, the bricks #sandblasted to bits, the unusual timber lintel looks bad, and the fences in two different bricks are just off-putting, but the #reddoor is great. The sort of very small house in a #backlane that might have been classed as a slum in the 50s/60s, when it would have been two bedrooms, a small sitting room an an outdoor loo with a family of four or more. Now it’s a cosy #onebedroomhouse, all done up inside, and sold for $750,000 four years ago. @ The Party Room for Kids

15 March 2019:

Grand #terracehouses for a narrow #sidestreet in #SouthMelbourne – Thomson Street. Probably 1880s. Originally #polychromebrick but all except one is painted and even that one is part painted.

19 March 2021:

A very cute pair of #bluestone cottages in a #sidestreet in #SouthMelbourne; might be 1850s, prob 1860s, all #tuckpointed random courses on the front, plain on the side, also on a street ! And a bit dilapidated from behind, looks like some renovations on the way. @ South Melbourne, Victoria

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