Greenvale Sanatorium, Percy Everett, 1950

Original post 17 February 2021

Some old-time isolation facilities (more #LostMelbourne). This is the ward block at #GreenvaleSanatorium, built 1949-50 for #tuberculosis patients, way out in a then isolated spot because TB was infectious. Designed by the prolific #PercyEverett, it had screens instead of windows, since fresh air was the main treatment – but by the mid 50s improvements in antibiotics meant people got better faster and by 1962 it was no longer needed and was converted into a hospital for the elderly, losing its great horizontal expression. Closed in 98, it was vandalised, but proposed for #heritagelisting in 2005 – I did a report, but it didn’t get up, and was demolished. I was very surprised, thought it was a sure thing, particularly since I had also failed to protect its twin, built in Heatherton at the same time, and demolished in the 90s. There was a great nurses home there too. The ward blocks are clearly inspired by the very famous #PaimioSanatorium, by Aalvar Aalto, completed 1932.

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