Babel Building

Original post 4 March 2018:

A bit of #creambrick #bauhaus in Melbs, poorly treated – the #BabelBuilding at #MelbourneUniversity, so nicknamed by students cos it housed foreign languages, then made official. Built straight after the war, 1946-48. Only three floors then, designed in very European #modernist form by #GodfreySpowersHughesMewtonandLobb (so many partners !); in 1956-57 they added two almost matching floors (but #stripwindows this time) even a matching curved #lecturetheatre, and also the foreground section – the original must’ve been pretty small. Awful more extra floors added in 2001. The 1948 building had a panel of stylised figures which was soon removed cos they were nude ! But so high up and you really can’t tell what’s going on. @ The University of Melbourne

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