Mitre Tavern, Bank Place

Original post 5 March 2021:

Just discovered the #MitreTavern is named after a pub in London! Shouldn’t be a surprise. #YeOldeMitre in Holborn was first established 1546 as part of an estate belonging to the Bishop of Ely (hence the Mitre part), but later Crown land, and completely rebuilt in 1773 – and still more or less intact. It’s also down a lane (really more of a passageway), so a rare reminder of the often very narrow courts of old London. It’s mainly for locals since tourists can’t find it (!). Ours was established in 1867, made out of earlier houses (hence the multiple doors) but nobody knows how old they are – though it’s sometimes claimed they’re the oldest in the city. Nobody knows when it got the Old English style makeover either, with the tiled roof and singled gable, except it was before 1930, when it was sold and almost demolished, but reprieved. 1st and sign closeup is from MelbDailyBlog 2012, the B&W ones from @library_vic (3rd is from 1930), and the London images from

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