Pawson House, Flinders Lane

Original post 8 March 2019:

PawsonHouse, #FlindersLane,1935, #TompkinsAndTompkins. I had a studio here in c1990 in the attic, which was almost a corrugated iron shed on the roof, maybe once a caretakers, we could get out onto the actual roof though, it was great! Now seems to be all rebuilt. @ Tessuti

So glad to see the lobby and even the lift more or less intact ! They’ve made quite an effort – the fire panel is behind a nice timber panel, the letterboxes still there but for art, even kept the lift, though the interior concertina grill door now glass, and they painted most of the timber veneer black, but they even kept the indicator panel but with new buttons ! In 1990 the building was somewhat empty, with one old rag trade business hanging on, a #buckle shop, and now it’s all architects and IT, but oddly there’s also a bridal shop and a fabric store on the main floor ! @ Tessuti

One thought on “Pawson House, Flinders Lane

  1. Gonly I remember those times and having a drink and a dance on the rooftop on a weekend evening when most of the streets around were quiet and dark ________________________________


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