Fitzroy, a pub on nearly every corner, and sometimes two.

10 March 2019:

A pub on each corner ? Yes ! The corner of Brunswick Street and Gertrude has two, that competed, or rather didn’t have to since there enough drinkers, from the 1860s to the 1990s, and this one, the #RobRoyHotel is still going. It was established in 1857 and rebuilt in 1878, looking much like a big shop, with a row of shops attached. Designed by #JamesGall who went on to do lots of mansions. Been the #WorkersClub since the 2000s I think.

11 March 2019:

The Gertrude Hotel, corner #GertrudeStreet and Fitzroy Street Fitzroy hasn’t been a pub since it was closed by the Licensing Reductions Board in 1910, prob because there were more pubs 50m away on either side ! Built 1869, it looks pretty intact. A pub at the other end pf Gertrude adopted this one’s name in recent years though to be fair I’m sure nobody remembers this one, just confusing for the historians out there.

Another #GertrudeStreet pub, which appears to have closed for renovations and a name change early 2018, and still closed. Built 1854, but not a pub till 1858, looks pretty unchanged; called the Leviathan, then the Renown by 1900, and became a haunt of underworld figures like #SquizzyTaylor, I remember it was the last really rough bar in Fitzroy in the 80s; more recently re-named again as #TheGertrude (the name of another pub at the other end of Gertrude before 1910).

The #BuildersArms, prob the best known #GertrudeStreet #pub, and the oldest ! Built 1853, with the parapet added probably 1915 as well as internal alterations (thanks Fitzroy Historical Society). Now that I look, I mean google, I see that the somewhat squeezey part with its tiled front to the bar is probably original, at least to the edge of the #tiling, indicating I think how small the front bar was originally /in the 30s, it’s got its own door you see – that’s a pretty rare survivor ! I think the wall between it and the corner was later (the 90s?) opened up. Pub interiors changed a lot over the years, modernising for better trade, or creating a larger bar to cater to the #6oclockswill, but some stayed local, with multiple bars for different drinkers – front bar for a quick one/locals to hang, then perhaps two lounges, one for mixed sexes, maybe with bar food, and of course a #ladieslounge, not because of licensing laws separating the sexes, but because it was thought the ladies felt more comfortable on their own, away from the hard drinkers. @ Builders Arms Hotel

Not a #GertrudeStreet pub but I like it, with that tiny first floor, must be from 1854 though apparently it was a #slaughterhouse then, looks more like shops. And the second photo is streetview of the opposite corner of Young Street, the United Service Hotel, built 1874 but closed in 1910 by the Licensing Reduction Board, which was set up in order to close places that were unruly, kept selling grog out the back door on Sundays, or where there were just ‘too many pubs’ – and Gertrude Street had 12 operating pubs before the board started closing them ! @ Hand 2 Hand Store Melbourne

Corner Gertrude and George Street. So this too was once a #pub, in the middle of a cluster of 6 pubs within three blocks. Built 1853 as the Royal Exchange, the new Fitzroy Council has their first meeting here, later known as The Royal, do I vaguely remember it being a pub in the 80s ? Or did it close much earlier ? Anyway at some point all the detail scraped off, maybe the 30s, though it doesn’t look streamlined.

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