Harry White architect

Original post 18 March 2020:

If you’re locked down and looking for some light reading, I’ve just had an article published on #HenryElyWhite, Australasia’s premier theatre architect of the 1910s and 20s in On Stage, the theatre historians magazine- link is in my bio. Henry designed at least 40 theatres and cinemas in Oz and NZ, of which only 10 still exist, including the (interior) of the Princess and Athenaeum, the Palais, the State and Capitol in Sydney (really by #JohnEberson). He started in NZ with a bang in 1912 with the #StJamesWellington (the first pic), and he didn’t mind repeating ideas, compare next pics, St James, Sydney (dem) and the Princess, both ‘Adamesque’, and the #CivicTheatreNewcastle with St James Auckland (both #PicturePalace Spanish style). He also did a nice Spanish style hotel in Wellington (dem) and a power station (!) in Sydney. He lived big and possibly relied too much on the talents of his employees, and when the depression hit all his jobs dried up, and though only in his mid 50s never designed anything much again.

Or you can check out the Wikipedia article I also did afterwards or was it before. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Eli_White

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