Japanese lake, Treasury Gardens, 1901

Original post 29 February 2020

Some #LostMelbourne – in 1901 the ornamental lake in the #TreasuryGardens was redesigned by #WilliamGuilfoyle as a #JapaneseGarden, with a thatched roof ‘tea house’ and a bamboo bridge (neither of which look particularly Japanese). Overgrown by the 1940s it was all swept away (except the lake) in 1948 for a never built amphitheater, then in 1963 was redone as a memorial to JFK (which now seems an odd decision). Not a very exciting design, with regular bluestone walls and crazy paving, so I’m not fussed it’s been revamped again, by #RushWright as memorial garden for the #EmergencyServices (sadly rather timely) – I Havnt seen it myself actually, photos snatched from @chrismbr, but looks nice, I do like misting sprays.

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