Kelvin Mansions, Dandenong Road, 1922.

Original post 1 March 2020

Always a bit fascinated by this #blockofflats at 325 #DandenongRoad, I knew it was early but not much else – it looks very Edwardian, but it’s actually 1922, and even more surprising the top floor is 1932 ! A #depressionera addition to increase the revenue.

It was built by bookmaker Vernon Hurt as a block of just four spacious 2 bed room flats, designed by EJ & CL Ruck, surprisingly with the main bedroom at the front, and the lounge on the sides – and it’s entered from each side, so that central balcony actually belongs to the flats on the east side, it’s not the entry; each flat has its own glass door on the stair landing. Vernon occupied one of flats, at least into the 30s. The interiors are very Edwardian too, all that #leadlight and plasterwork.

Not sure if ever been sold individually, the photos I found are from rental ads, and it’s named after the Frohlich-West’s, were Polish child holocaust survivors, and have donated to Jewish charities in the last 20years, maybe it’s an income stream ? There’s another block behind, at least 15 altogether. B&W photos are by Graeme Butler from 1982.

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