Fmr Methodist Church, Frankston, 1970

Original post 2 July 2020

The Frankston Methodist Church in 1970 is another exercise in minimalism by #BatesSmartMcCutcheon, but with rough faced concrete blocks, rather boldly monumental- but maybe in real life it’s not so impressive? It’s on High Street, a few doors up from the Uniting Church, and used by the Brotherhood for youth training of some sort. I think the lobby area is maybe gone, and with it the reused stained glass windows, and I think the area of plain conc blocks on the west side rendered, so hard to know if enough is left for it to still be special. Update : yes the foyer area largely gone, and the stained glass taken by the Uniting Church, but the main church space is largely intact, and now called ‘the nave’, used as a hall/performances by the Brotherhood as part of what’s really an alternative high school.

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