Eden Terrace, St Kilda, 1858

Original post 7 August 2020

Another one of the #grandterraces in my street, like most in #StKilda, converted into flats long ago, one per floor. And very early too, 1858, apparently without verandahs, just stairs up to the front doors – the verandah was added in the later 19thC – but still don’t know why the stairs date from the flat conversion c1920. Its called Eden Terrace, not because it’s paradise but the developers name was Thomas Eden. They have a v nice communal garden to the rear.

This wonderful #castironfence was created about 1990, I know cos I remember it happening ! In fact it cost so much that some owners couldn’t afford their share and had to sell up, at least that’s what I heard. They did a very good job, it’s very much what they would have built in c1890, which is when the verandahs were added to the much earlier 1858 Eden Terrace, and presumably a fence just like this as well.

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